Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm the owner of Precise Ammunition! I thank you for your visit today, and look forward to serving you as a customer!

At Precise Ammunition, our mission is to develop custom ammunition that will shoot under 1 MOA (1 inch at 100 yards) in our customer's factory rifles:

  • Understand your shooting application and needed performance: caliber, range, velocity, ballistics, terminal performance, etc.

  • Help you select bullet manufacturer, type, and weight to achieve your needed performance - selecting among all bullets that are available for a given caliber

  • Identify the best load for your specific rifle and bullet

  • Manufacture to extremely tight tolerances so that your best load accuracy can be reliably produced


Each rifle is unique - rifles of a given caliber (even from the same manufacturer) vary in chamber dimensions, freebore, metallurgy, etc. Therefore, each rifle will have a unique "best load" for each bullet manufacturer/type/weight combination.

At Precise Ammunition, we recommend that you start by finding the loading that works best with your specific rifle's barrel harmonics. You can do that through our Sample Pack process (where you shoot test rounds) or you can send us your rifle and we'll do test round development and shooting.

Both of these processes allow you to find the loading that shoots best for YOUR RIFLE!

At Precise Ammunition, our goal is to help you find that BEST LOADING! Then, we can reload your brass to continue to maintain your accuracy!


Benefits of identifying your rifle's BEST LOADING:

  • Ammunition shoots <1 MOA to extend your maximum effective range

  • Once your rifle/ammunition performance is known and reliable, you can focus on your performance and improve your practice -- "practice doesn't make perfect, 'perfect practice' does"

  • You get the exact bullet type and weight you want

  • You can have multiple loads for a rifle developed for different hunting applications (different bullet type/weight)

  • You can have the brass reloaded many times, so you can shoot with no fall-off accuracy or need to "find a new load"


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